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Sexual assault

We are here to help you

At the University of Washington, there are multiple ways to report sexual violence or misconduct. One of those options is reporting sexual violence to the University of Washington Police Department. Always call 911 in an emergency, or call 206-685-8973 (UWPD) in a non-emergency to reach us.

Reporting to police

The UWPD investigates reports of sexual misconduct that occur on the UW Seattle campus and provides resources to survivors of sexual violence. We use trauma-informed interviewing techniques to help survivors recall details about an incident in a way that is sensitive to the difficult emotional impact.

Many people have questions about reporting sexual violence to the police, and we are here to answer them. Contact us, or start by viewing an overview of the reporting process.

If the assault occurred off campus, we will help you contact the right law enforcement agency.

What to expect when you contact UWPD

  • We will meet with you privately, at a time and local place of your choice, to take your report.
  • We cannot and will not notify your parents without your consent and your report will not be a part of your student record.
  • We will treat you with courtesy, sensitivity, dignity, understanding and professionalism.
  • Our officers will not prejudge you, and you will not be blamed for what occurred.
  • We will assist you in arranging for any necessary hospital treatment or other medical needs.
  • If you would feel more comfortable talking with a friend present, we will do our best to accommodate your request.
  • We will fully investigate your case and will help you to achieve the best outcome. This may involve the arrest and prosecution of the suspect responsible. You will be kept up-to-date on the progress of the investigation and/or prosecution.
  • We will provide information about counseling and other available resources.
  • We will continue to be available to answer your questions, to explain the system and process involved (prosecutor, courts, etc.), and to be a listening ear if you wish.
  • We will consider your case seriously regardless of your gender or the gender or status of the suspect.

UW resources for students and employees

Additional sexual assault resources

Sexual assault protection order

If you have been the victim of sexual conduct or penetration that you did not freely agree to, as defined by law, you may be eligible to file for a Sexual Assault Protection Order. Learn more about Sexual Assault Protection orders.