UW Police

Safety Escort Services

  • Husky NightWalk – 206.685.9255 (WALK)

    Husky NightWalk is safe and easy to use. Uniformed security guards operate 5:30 pm to 2 a.m. daily EXCEPT University Holidays, providing a walking escort to community members within the campus locations and the residential area north of 45th St., and to the UW Tower location.  Guards can also assist, with proper identification, building and office lockouts, as well as jump start dead car batteries.

    Husky NightWalk Service Area Map.

    How to Use Husky NightWalk

    • Dial 206.685.WALK (206.685.9255) when you are ready for a safety escort.
    • Advise the dispatcher which building entrance the Husky NightWalk guard will find you waiting.
    • Stand safely inside the entrance, and watch for the Husky NightWalk guard as s/he will not enter the building to find you.
    • Have your UW student, staff or other photo identification ready.

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    Husky NightWalk FAQs

    • Can I make an appointment for an escort?
      Requests are responded to on a first come, first served basis. Please call 206.685.WALK (9255) when you are ready to be escorted.
    • Who staffs the Husky NightWalk program? 
      The Husky NightWalk program is staffed by uniformed security guards of the University of Washington Police Department.
    • How do I meet the security guard for a walking escort?
      When you initially call to request an escort, the dispatcher will coordinate a meeting location. Please wait at the agreed upon location and watch for the guard to arrive. The guard will meet you a few minutes prior to the estimated time given. If you are late or aren’t present, the guard will move on to the next call, and you will need to call for a new escort request.

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    NightRide is a U-PASS sponsored shuttle service for students, faculty, and staff. Passengers can board the NightRide from any one of eight on-campus stops and be dropped off at any requested location within the two shuttle zones. Schedules are prominently displayed at all stops, and schedules are available at information kiosks around campus. NightRide schedules are also available online. Wheelchair-accessible shuttles service both zones. Call 206.685.3146 or visit www.uwshuttles.com for more information about this and other UW shuttle services. Note that NightRide is not available during the summer.

    University of Washington Medical Center (UWMC) Department of Public Safety

    The UWMC Department of Public Safety provides escorts for hospital employees and volunteers from the UWMC main lobby entrance to university campus parking lots. Escort drivers provide this free service Monday through Friday from 4:30 p.m. to 1:00 a.m. For other days and times, Public Safety officers provide escorts unless unavailable due to a hospital emergency. To arrange for an escort, contact UWMC Public Safety at 206.598.5555, and let them know when you will be ready to depart from the above location. For more information, call the UWMC Public Safety Office at 206.598.4909.