UW Police

Ride-Along Program

The ride-along program is a way for citizens and police applicants to connect with the UWPD and police work in general.

  • If you want to participate in the program, you must furnish your identification with name and date of birth to a UWPD supervisor.
  • We will complete a records check to look for outstanding warrants or other issues that would make you ineligible for the ride-along.
  • A police supervisor will advise you of the limitations while accompanying police officers on foot or in patrol vehicles.
  • After being informed of the risks involved, you will sign the Release and Assumption of Risk form before being allowed to ride-along.
  • No cameras or tape recorders are allowed unless previously authorized by the Chief or Deputy Chief.
  • The officer or supervisor may cancel the ride-along arrangement at any point.
  • If it becomes advisable not to take you to a particular call, the officer will let you out of the car and advise the dispatch of your location. If available, another unit will be dispatched for transport back to the station.

Because of state laws regarding privacy and confidentiality, ride-alongs will not be involved in interrogations or search and seizures. Ride-alongs may be involved in investigative detentions. Ride-along experiences are limited to two per participant. This limit does not apply to registered members of the UWPD Explorer Post nor to UWPD interns.

Citizens and police department applicants are limited to four hours except when authorized by the shift supervisor. To schedule a ride-along, please call the non-emergency number, 206.685.UWPD (8973) and ask to speak with the on-duty supervisor.