UW Police

Building Use Permits

Will you be in a campus building after hours? You should carry a Building Use Permit (BUP), form UW-P-31, issued and signed by the appropriate dean, department head or designee; faculty and staff should carry their staff card, which is considered the equivalent of a BUP. Note: Faculty and staff located in sensitive research areas may be required to carry both a faculty/staff card and a BUP. BUPs may be issued to students, temporary faculty and temporary or part-time staff for specific hours and days during a period not to exceed one year. Permits may be renewed on an annual basis.

Obtaining Building Use Permits

To obtain Building Use Permits for your department to issue, campus units other than Health Sciences must complete the Building Use Permit Agreement Letter. You may fax the completed form to the Community Outreach Unit at 206.685.8042 or mail to Campus Box 355200.

To request Building Use Permits, email the Community Outreach Unit. Health Sciences units should send a memo to the HS Academic Services and Facilities Office, Box 357175. The BUP request memo must be signed by one of the individuals authorized to issue permits. The Building Use Permit Agreement Letter must be current to receive permits.

Instructions for Completing a Building Use Permit

  1. Fill out the permit completely. Incomplete permits are invalid and UWPD personnel will be confiscated invalid permits if found on an individual after hours.
  2. You may specify the name of the building and a specific area an individual is authorized to be in (e.g., a person authorized in a laboratory may not be authorized to be in an adjoining office).
  3. Specify the specific day, month and year of the expiration date but no more than one year from the date of issue. Permits with indefinite dates will be confiscated.
  4. List key numbers on the back of the card. If the individual is not authorized to have keys, the block should be marked accordingly. UWPD personnel will confiscate unauthorized keys if found on an individual after hours.
  5. Make no erasures or corrections on the Building Use Permit. If a mistake is made, void the permit and fill out a new one as it is hard to determine whether a correction is legitimate or intentional fraud. Cards that appear to have been altered will be confiscated.
  6. Keep a record of all Building Use Permits issued by the department. Record the permit card number, name of the individual to whom issued, expiration date and the employee/student status of the holder.