UW Police

Sector Patrol

Patrolling by sector is one piece of our community policing strategy.

Each patrol officer “owns” a sector. The assigned officer works in collaboration with area building coordinators and other stakeholders to address the problems and crimes unique to that sector.

Ownership of a patrol sector means that officers treat their area as if they owned it. They become the caretakers of this property and the people in it. Ownership means taking the initiative to improve a situation, and ultimately, to improve the quality of life in that part of our university.

The each patrol sergeant is also in charge of one sector. The sergeants coordinate and monitor the activity occurring in the sector they supervise. They advise on the implementation of strategies to address problems and crimes that occur in their area. They provide briefings to their lieutenants and command staff on the occurrences in their sector and must demonstrate that the sector officers are taking action that is producing real results.

  • Sector One includes upper main campus (from the Quad northward) and the Greek System.
  • Sector Two includes lower main campus (south of the Quad to NE Pacific Street).
  • Sector Three includes the area of west campus from 15th Avenue NE to Roosevelt Way NE and from NE 45th Street to NE Boat Street.
  • Sector Four includes the areas of south and east campus, including the UW Medical Center, the UW housing complexes of Blakeley Village, Laurel Village and Nordheim Court.

View a Sector Map of the UW Campus.