UW Police

Explosive Detection K-9 Unit

The UWPD has certified officers and their K-9 partners trained specifically to detect explosives and/or their components. We do not use our police dogs to assist with crowd control, suspect apprehension, tracking suspects, or any other activities other than explosives detection.

In the wake of increasing cautions across the nation following the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, the UWPD received a federal grant to begin a K-9 unit in 2006. Officer Kenny Johns and his partner Kali, was the department’s first K-9 team; Kali served until 2015.

Today the explosives detection program has grown to three pairs of certified officers and their partners. Officer Ellrodt and Sam, Officer Johns and his new partner Harley. The officers are called upon to provide an extra layer of security for events with high attendance, including game days, graduations, and events with high profile speakers.

All two dogs were adopted from local animal shelters and received training with their handlers through the Boeing K-9 Training Program. Each of the dogs live with their handlers and are regular members of the officer’s household. Their playfulness and friendly demeanors make our K-9 teams a real hit with our campus community.

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