UW Police

Criminal Investigations

The Criminal Investigations Bureau includes:

Evidence & Property

Evidence & Property falls under the Criminal Investigations Bureau. The Evidence & Property Manager is responsible for all the property and evidence brought into the police department.

Property may be retrieved by appointment only. When claiming your property, you must show a photo ID. If the photo ID is what you are retrieving, please bring another photo ID, such as a passport or work identification.

Hours of service: 7:00 am to 3:00 pm
Days open: Monday through Friday
Contact Number: 206.543.9369
Email: uwpdevidence@uw.edu

By Appointment Only. Please call first to make an appointment.

Homeland Security

The Homeland Security function at the UWPD involves the collection and dissemination of information on terrorism and homeland security issues that may affect the University of Washington. Among other duties, the support services lieutenant organizes and conducts homeland security vulnerability assessments for Seattle campus buildings and grounds, acts as a point of contact in conjunction with the UW Director of Emergency Management and acts as an additional university liaison with federal, state, municipal and collegiate officials on homeland security concerns.

The support services lieutenant may be reached at 206.685.2555 or by email: HLSecure@uw.edu.

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Investigations Unit

The UWPD detectives in the Support Services Bureau investigate all felony crimes committed on campus, including burglary, embezzlement, assault, robbery, arson and drug cases. Detectives work a set schedule but are called in, as needed, to investigate major crime scenes and interview suspects, witnesses and victims. Detectives collaborate with other Puget Sound law enforcement agencies to share information on crime trends and activity. Detectives also assist in dignitary and VIP protection details and “stand-by to keep the peace” assignments. In addition, they conduct background investigations on prospective departmental employees.

Detective Contact Information.