UW Police



UWPD continues to focus on best practices in law enforcement, having achieved accreditation through national, state, and international accrediting bodies.  Law enforcement accreditation is the primary method for an agency to voluntarily demonstrate its commitment to excellence in law enforcement.  The standards upon which the law enforcement accreditation program is based reflect the current thinking and expertise of law enforcement practitioners and researchers around the world.  Major law enforcement associations, leading educational and training institutions, governmental agencies, as well as law enforcement executives internationally, acknowledge accreditation as a benchmark for professional law enforcement agencies.

The combined standards for achieving accreditation from the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies (CALEA) and the Washington Association of Sheriffs and Police Chiefs (WASPC)  ensures the UWPD has a system of professional, best practices in law enforcement.  It speaks to our partnerships with the University of Washington and the community we serve ensuring that we are transparent in our law enforcement operations.  Law enforcement accreditation validates our efforts of continuous improvement through a process that:

  • Requires the Department to develop a comprehensive, well thought out, uniform set of written directives. This is one of the most successful methods for reaching administrative and operational goals, while also providing direction to personnel.
  • Provides the necessary reports and analyses a CEO needs to make fact-based, informed management decisions.
  • Requires a preparedness program be put in place so the Department is ready to address natural or man-made unusual occurrences.
  • Strengthens the Department’s accountability, both within the Department and the community, through a continuum of standards that clearly define authority, performance, and responsibilities.
  • Limits the Department’s liability and risk exposure because it demonstrates that internationally recognized standards for law enforcement have been met, as verified by a team of independent outside trained assessors.
  • Facilitates the Department’s pursuit of professional excellence.

UWPD received its initial accreditation in 2005 with subsequent re-accreditations in 2008, 2011 and 2014.  In 2017, the Department won its fifth accreditation by CALEA as well as the joint accreditations with WASPC.  All accreditations are valid for four years with the required submission of annual reports to the accrediting body to show continued compliance with accreditation standards.  The next renewal for all three accreditations will be in 2021.