UW Police

May 31, 2018

Savery Hall Incident

May 31, 2018

Contact: Chief John N Vinson
University of Washington Police

Seattle, WA – Around 5 p.m., a man walked into a common area in Savery Hall on the University of Washington campus, filming with a phone in his hand. He asked for everyone’s attention and a pre-recorded message emitted from a speaker on his jacket, announcing something to the effect of “The C4 is charged” and a countdown began. People ran from the room and activated the fire alarm on their way out.

UWPD takes all threats seriously and responded to this call as a priority. Officers contacted the man on University Way NE shortly thereafter and he was arrested on charges of making a bomb threat. The investigation revealed this was a prank and there was no device on him or left in the room. UWPD, in collaboration with Seattle fire and Seattle police, determined there was no ongoing danger.

UPDATED 06/01/18 – Corrected room description from classroom to common area.