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Crime Prevention

The prevention of crime requires the involvement of every one of our community members. The UWPD assists these efforts through our Community Outreach Unit (COU), which acts as a resource for the university community on crime prevention and deterrence. UWPD officers speak at campus orientations, staff resource booths at community tabling events, provide seminars on personal and workplace safety, conduct office and environmental security surveys, advise on the storage of petty cash and address other topics as requested by student organizations and university departments.

The COU oversees the bicycle registration and electronics registration program as well as the building use permit program.

The COU is actively involved with the Campus Violence Prevention Program, assisting Human Resources with Campus Violence Prevention Presentations given to departments and facilities throughout campus and other UW-affiliated properties off campus.

The COU organizes and conducts the annual Citizen’s Academy, a nine or ten-week program that increases public understanding of police work and develops greater interaction and communication between the university community and the UWPD.

The UWPD also spearheads the annual Husky Food Drive that occurs during one of the UW home football games. The proceeds benefit Northwest Harvest.

To contact Community Outreach for assistance with a security survey, a crime prevention presentation, a tabling event or other service, you can call 206.616.0873 or email us at crimeprv@uw.edu.

Crime Prevention Programs

  • Bike Registration and Electronics Registration. Registration with the police department assists in the speedy return of your property in the event that it is stolen and recovered.

  • Building Security Surveys. By request, a UWPD officer can review your building for safety concerns and will make recommendations on ways to improve the security of your area. Contact Community Outreach for more information. 206.616.0873.

  • Building Use Permit Program. This program helps keep our buildings safer after hours by limiting those who can have access when buildings are closed.

  • Citizen’s Academy. This series of free classes, usually offered in the spring, informs citizens about law enforcement.

  • Love Your Stuff Crime Prevention Campaign. Targeting the most common crime on campus, theft, this crime prevention campaign aims to increase crime prevention measures by faculty, staff and students across campus.

  • Petty Cash Survey. By request, a UWPD officer can review your cash handling procedures and will make recommendations on ways to improve your procedures. Contact Community Outreach for more information. 206.616.0873.

  • Safety Talks. By request, UWPD officers do presentations for community groups (e.g., residence halls, UW departments) on personal safety, theft prevention and other topics of concern. Contact Community Outreach for more information. 206.616.0873.

  • UW Alert. UW Alert disseminates official information during emergencies or crisis situations that may disrupt the normal operation of the UW or threaten the health or safety of members of the UW community. UW faculty, staff and students may opt in to be notified by UW Alert.

  • WatchDawg. WatchDawg is an email listserv for the wider University District community to help keep them informed about criminal incidents on and around campus. While UW Alert is for university faculty, staff and students, WatchDawg is available for anyone to sign up.

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