UW Police

Husky NightWalk

206.685.WALK (9255)

Uniformed security guards operate 6:30 pm to 2 a.m., seven days week, 365 days a year, providing a walking escort to community members within the campus locations and the residential area north of 45th St.  Bounded by NE 45th St on the south, 15th Ave NE on the west, 22nd Ave NE to the east, and Ravenna Park in the north, the service includes all residences located on each border street, as outlined in the map. Husky NightWalk also services the UW Tower and Roosevelt Commons to the connected UW parking garages and bus stops. Husky NightWalk provide escorts to the Tower location but not from the Tower to campus. In addition, Husky NightWalk security guards are equipped to help people, with proper identification, who cannot get into their offices and they can assist with jump starts for dead batteries. When members from the campus community need help, call 206.685.WALK (9255).

Husky NightWalk Service Area Map.

How to Use Husky NightWalk

  1. Dial 685.WALK (206.685.9255) at the very time you are ready for the service.
  2. After speaking with a Husky NightWalk staff member, go to the decided entrance where the uniformed guard will meet you a few minutes prior to your given wait time.
  3. Stand safely inside the entrance, and watch for the Husky NightWalk guard as s/he will not enter the building to find you.
  4. Have your student, staff or other identification ready.

Husky NightWalk FAQs

  • What is the difference between the Husky NightWalk and the NightRide programs?
    The Husky NightWalk program is a safety walking program that is provided by the UW Police Department and operated by security guard staff members. The NightRide program is a driving shuttle service operated by transportation services staff members. Husky NightWalk guards will walk with you to the nearest NightRide shuttle stop during its hours of operation. These are two separate programs run by separate university departments.
  • What are the Husky NightWalk program hours?
    Escorts are provided between the hours of 6:30 p.m. and 2 a.m., seven days a week throughout the year. Please make sure to call prior to 2 a.m. to ensure that you receive an escort due to call volume, as well as enough time for your escort to be completed. The program does not operate on university holidays.
  • Can I make an appointment to be walked with after class or after work?
    We are unable to make advance appointments at this time. Requests are responded to on a first come, first served basis. Please call 206.685.WALK (9255) when you are ready to be escorted. The request volume varies due to time of the year, time of the day, etc. so we appreciate your patience when security staff may be delayed helping other callers during busier periods.
  • Is there a time of day that is busier than others for escort requests?
    When school is in session, the majority of requests for escorts are after 10 p.m. and it gets busier as the night goes on. Slower times are during summer quarter, between quarters and earlier in the evening.
  • Will I be picked up in a vehicle or will someone walk with me?
    A Husky NightWalk security guard will walk with you to ensure your safe arrival at your destination.
  • Will you call me when you’re here?
    No. Callbacks are for special situations, such as language barriers. Please wait at the agreed upon entrance. The guard will meet you a few minutes prior to the estimated time given. If you are late or aren’t present, the guard will move on to the next call, and you will have to call back for a new estimated wait time.
  • Is the Husky NightWalk program staffed by police officers?
    No. The Husky NightWalk program is staffed by uniformed security guards of the University of Washington Police Department. The program is headed by the security services manager.
  • Why does the police department dispatch center sometimes answer the 206.685.WALK phone number?
    University of Washington Police Department dispatchers serve as a backup for answering escort requests during periods of high call volume. If security staff is helping other callers, your call will be answered by someone in the police department dispatch center.
  • Should I call Husky NightWalk for non-emergency situations, information, questions and/or concerns?
    No. If you have any questions or concerns not pertaining to receiving a Husky NightWalk escort or the Husky NightWalk program, please call the non-emergency UWPD number at 206.685.UWPD (8973).
  • It’s an Emergency! Who do I call for help?
    Call 911. From a campus phone, you will reach the UWPD. From non-campus phones, you will reach another 911 dispatch center (e.g., Seattle Police or Washington State Patrol). Indicate your location and you will be transferred to the appropriate law enforcement agency. It’s always a good idea to indicate your location as soon as the dispatcher answers in case you get cut off so emergency personnel can still respond to your location.

Husky NightWalk Service Area