UW Police


Patrol is the largest bureau in the department and is comprised of police officers assigned to patrol, bike teams, Residence Halls and Incident Prevention details. These uniformed officers respond to emergencies, crimes in progress, crimes to be reported and service calls on campus.

Sector Patrol.The UW Campus is divided into areas of responsibility known as Patrol Sectors. Officers “own” a particular sector of campus and they are responsible for knowing their community members and the safety concerns in that sector.

  • Incident Prevention Teams (IPT). These officers  conduct emphasis patrols north of campus and partner with Seattle Police Department (SPD). Officers address incidents from noise complaints and alcohol violations to breaking up fights and responding to crimes in the area. Social contacts and crime prevention presentations have led to good relationships with the neighborhood.  Officers assigned to IPT regularly attend meetings with members of the Greek System and the surrounding community to ensure the safety of the residents in this area.
  • Bike Team. Bike officers patrol areas of campus normally inaccessible to patrol cars and can respond quickly to calls during times and in areas where there is heavy vehicle and pedestrian congestion. Because bikes are smaller, quieter, more “approachable” and more agile than patrol cars, bike patrols interact closely with the public. The mobility of the bikes also allow the bike patrol officers to efficiently and effectively deal with many unique issues on a college campus. The mountain bike is a versatile and very useful tool for law enforcement and will continue to meet the needs of the public and the police department well into the future.
  • Residence Hall Officers. Police officers are assigned to patrol in and around the residential areas of campus. These officers respond to reported crimes and other emergency situations in all residence halls, Stevens Court and Nordheim Apartments. They are carefully trained and equipped to perform the same functions that their counterparts on patrol with the exception of traffic-related issues. Residence hall officers work closely with resident directors and resident advisors and often perform joint patrols with the advisors. Residence hall officers also provide presentations on crime prevention topics to residents upon request.