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UPDATE – Notification of a Criminal Incident

University District, Seattle


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On Friday, August 1, 2014, less than 24 hours after obtaining lab results with a positive DNA match, Eric Ross, a 22-year-old male not affiliated with the UW was spotted in the University District and arrested by the King County Sheriff’s Department.  The arrest was in connection with an indecent exposure incident at the Husky Union Building (HUB) on June 13th.  During the initial incident a female UW student reported an adult male approached her table at the HUB and exposed himself and quickly left the area.  UW Police were initially unable to locate the suspect and sent a Notification of a Criminal Incident to the UW community.  The victim provided responding officers with a detailed description of the suspect and his actions.  UW detectives conducted a detailed search for evidence at the scene and submitted items found to the Washington State Patrol Crime Lab.  Once lab results were obtained, UWPD Detectives alerted other local police agencies to locate and arrest the suspect.


The arrest would not have happened without the prompt call from the victim and her accurate description of the suspect. The assistance of the Washington State Patrol Crime Lab, the King County Sheriff’s Department and the careful and thorough work by the UWPD detectives to collect evidence at the scene contributed to a successful outcome in this case.

To report a crime in progress, or other suspicious activities or persons, call 911.

Crime Prevention Tips for Similar Incidents:

*   Make sure all doors and windows are locked especially at night.

*   Call 911 if you see anyone snooping around outside your home.

*   Remove yourself from potentially dangerous situations as soon as possible.

If you suspect criminal activity, some helpful information to pass on to the police:

*   Clothing descriptors – look for layers under the visible layer, other distinctive design identifiers, etc.

*   Physical characteristics – height, weight, eyes, hair, mannerisms, scars/tattoos.

*   Direction of travel (by foot or automobile).

*   Suspect vehicle description, including license plate.

*   Any weapons involved.

Contact the University of Washington Police Department at (206) 543-9331 for additional crime prevention information.