UW Police

04-26-2014 Burglaries


April 30, 2014

Burglary Series – UW Sororities

Over the past two weeks, four UW sorority burglaries have been reported to Seattle Police.  Between April 19, 2014 and April 26, 2014 two separate attempted burglaries were also reported, and three instances of “suspicious circumstances” were reported to Seattle and UW Police wherein a suspect tampered with external security systems at sorority houses, then fled.   In all of the burglaries, the suspect(s) took electronic items such as tablets and laptop computers primarily in the early morning hours.  The suspect(s) have accessed the sorority houses through various doors and windows that may not have been secured.  In one instance, the suspect(s) fled when an audible alarm was activated.

In two separate instances, a male suspect was observed tampering with external security cameras at residences. During an incident reported to UWPD where the subject was observed tampering with cameras, he is described as a medium-to-dark complexioned male with a goatee and moustache. He is approximately 6’0 tall, with a medium build.  He was wearing a bulky dark color hooded sweatshirt, baggy dark pants, and had a back-pack on with distinctive straps visible to the front.  He may have been wearing gloves.

These cases are all being investigated by the Seattle Police Department under the following case numbers: (Case #’s 2014- 119695; 2014-123922; 2014- 127644; 2014- 126125; 2014 – 126404; 2014-126237).  Case number 14-001070 is being investigated by UWPD.

If you have any information regarding these crimes please call the Seattle Police Department at (206) 625-5011 or the UW Police Department at (206) 685-UWPD(8973). To report suspicious activity or persons immediately, dial 911.

Crime Prevention Tips for Similar Incidents:

* Make sure all your doors and windows are locked and secured, especially at night.

* Make sure the exterior of your residence is well illuminated.

* Call police immediately if you see anyone suspiciously lurking inside or outside your home.

* Don’t allow strangers into your home.

* Place all valuables such as jewelry, cash or other small items into a secure cabinet, safe or drawer.

* Record the serial numbers of all identifiable items, such as personal electronics.

* Photograph your valuables for easier recognition.

* Register electronic items with UWPD at http://police.uw.edu/

If you suspect criminal activity, some helpful information to pass on to the police:

* See something suspicious-say something.

* Clothing descriptors – look for layers under the visible layer, other distinctive design identifiers, etc.

* Physical characteristics – height, weight, eyes, hair, mannerisms

* Direction of travel (by foot or automobile).

* Suspect vehicle description, including license plate.

* Distinctive marks, scars or tattoos

* Describe any weapons involved.

Contact the University of Washington Police Crime Prevention Unit at (206) 543-9338 for additional crime prevention information or a Security assessment.  At night, call Husky NightWalk: 206-685-WALK (9255) for a security guard escort to various locations on campus, 7 days a week.