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Red Square Incident Updates

Apr. 24, 2017 UPDATE

Prosecutors filed charges of Assault in the First Degree against 29-year-old Seattle woman, Elizabeth Hokoana in the shooting of a 34-year old man on January 20, 2017.  The victim was shot once in the abdomen during a scuffle outside of Kane Hall.  Charges were also filed against her husband, 29-year-old Mark Hokoana for Assault in the Third Degree for his involvement in the incident. UW Police Chief John Vinson praised the support received from both the Seattle and campus communities. He said, “Cooperation from witnesses, including several people sending us video of the incident contributed to our detectives determining what happened.” Both suspects will be arraigned in King County Superior Court.


Apr. 12, 2017 UPDATE

UWPD detectives have completed this investigation into the Red Square incident that occurred on January 20th, 2017. The final report from the UWPD lead investigator was delivered to the King County Prosecuting Attorneys’ Office on April 11th, 2017. Prosecutors will review the case and make a filing decision on the individuals involved.


Mar. 29, 2017 UPDATE

UWPD is aware of a Seattle Times article [http://www.seattletimes.com/seattle-news/crime/wife-claims-she-shot-protester-outside-uw-event-for-milo-yiannopoulos/] regarding the incident on Red Square currently under investigation. UWPD Detectives believe the investigation may be nearing completion and the case, once completed, shall be forwarded to the King County Prosecuting Attorneys’ Office.


Mar. 14, 2017 UPDATE

The investigation of the January 20, 2017 incident at Red Square remains active and UWPD detectives have worked with our partners in the Seattle Police Department Homicide/Assault Unit, Washington State Patrol Crime Lab, as well as Seattle Police Department Latent Print Lab to assist with the investigation in various capacities.  Video footage provided by the public, which continues to be analyzed, has been helpful in the investigation.  Efforts continue, and we ask that you please contact UWPD detectives at (206) 543-9331 if you witnessed the event or have any outstanding video of this incident.


Feb. 15, 2017 UPDATE

An Affidavit for Search Warrant has been made public and provides additional details into the investigation of the Red Square incident. Dates of birth and the cell phone number have been redacted. Please contact UWPD detectives at (206) 543-9331 if you witnessed the event or have any outstanding video of this incident.
Link: http://police.uw.edu/01202017-redsquare-incident-updates/affidavit_sw17-210/


Feb. 14, 2017 UPDATE

UWPD detectives continue to actively investigate the Red Square incident of January 20, 2017. Detectives initially spoke with the victim the day following the incident, and again on January 25th. Evidence collected as a result of search warrants has been transferred to the Washington State Patrol Crime Lab for additional forensic testing. A handgun, recovered from a vehicle, is one of the items currently being analyzed by scientists at the WSP Crime Lab.

Witnesses and attendees at the January 20th event have provided Detectives with a significant number of video segments. Detectives continue to comb through those videos, timestamping each segment from the various recordings. These efforts will build an accurate and chronological sequence of events from various viewpoints. In addition, Detectives have recently acquired additional expertise, through the services of a private video technician.  The technician is assisting in the processing of videos and analysis of the information collected so far. Please contact UWPD detectives at (206) 543-9331 if you witnessed the event or have any outstanding video of this incident.


Feb. 02, 2017 UPDATE

Efforts in the ongoing investigation over the past week led to UWPD detectives serving multiple search warrants for the purpose of identifying and preserving evidence in the case. Due to its sensitive nature, the Court sealed the search warrants to preserve the integrity of the investigation. At this time, detectives are still identifying witnesses that may have information that is pertinent to the investigation. Witnesses are encouraged to contact UWPD detectives at (206) 543-9331. Detectives have also been in contact with attorneys that represent individuals that identified themselves as involved in the incident..


Jan. 25, 2017 UPDATE

UWPD detectives are continuing the investigation into the Red Square incident on Friday. Over the weekend detectives, assisted by Seattle PD detectives, served a search warrant on a vehicle that had been impounded. That search resulted in the recovery of a weapon believed to be involved in the incident. Investigators are continuing to identify and interview witnesses. If you have additional information regarding this incident and have not been contacted, you are encouraged to contact UWPD at 206-543-9331.


Jan. 21, 2017 UPDATE

University of Washington police took a suspect into custody Friday night following a shooting incident during a large protest in Red Square.

The suspect, accompanied by another individual, turned himself in to UWPD detectives following the incident. Both individuals were taken into custody.

Following investigation of the details surrounding the incident, and in consultation with the prosecuting attorney’s office, the suspects were released pending further investigation. No suspects remain outstanding.

UWPD detectives are continuing to gather details surrounding the incident and will forward their investigation to the prosecuting attorney’s office. UWPD detectives encourage anyone with information about the incident or who witnessed it should contact UWPD at 206-543-9331.